National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission
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The Commission expired on July 7, 2008. This website is being maintained for historical purposes.

Linking Americans to Each Other and to the World

The US surface transportation system links Americans to each other and to the world.  This enormous network of highways, ports, freight and passenger railroads and transit systems is vital to America’s economy, security and way of life.  It is currently the best surface transportation system in the world – the challenge now is to ensure that it remains the best in the future.

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Final Report is Released!

Final Report cover page

The National Surface Transportation and Revenue Study Commission has released its Report to Congress. The Commission is grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who shared their views and experiences in writing and at hearings and public meetings across the nation.
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** 03/26/08 Volume III is now available **



Commission Video: Looking Ahead

Learn about the challenges transportation stakeholders will face in the future, as described by the commissioners. View the Commission Video (captioned version).

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission. A major purpose of the Commission’s study was to reinvigorate public debate regarding the future of the surface transportation system. Request a copy of the final report.

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