National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission

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Section 8: Background Material

Letter to U.S. Senate on Highway Trust Fund Shortfall (August 9, 2007) [517 KB]
Letter to U.S. House of Representatives on Highway Trust Fund Shortfall (August 9, 2007) [554 KB]
A New Vision for the 21st Century, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Presentation (July 26, 2007) [308 KB]
AASHTO Report Series - Transportation: Invest in Our Future  
American Public Transportation Association Presentation (July 25, 2007) [80 KB]
American Public Transportation Association Response to Questions Raised in its July 25, 2007 Presentation, (American Public Transportation Association, August 2007) [339 KB]
Infrastructure 2007 – A Global Perspective, Urban Land Institute and Ernst and Young, 2007 [6.47 MB*]
A Decade of Growth in Domestic Freight (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, July 2007) [207 KB]
The Oregon Road User Fee Concept and Pilot Program: A Primer (James M. Whitty, July 2007) [203 KB]
Surface Transportation Innovation, Robert Poole (July 2007) [53 KB]
How Freight Moves: Estimating Mileage and Routes Using an Innovative GIS Tool (Bureau of Transportation Statistics Technical Report, June 2007) [409 KB]
Congestion Relief: Assessing the Case for Road Tolls in Canada (Robin Lindsey, May 2007) [160 KB]
Congressional Testimony from Assistant Secretary Tyler Duvall on Public-Private Partnerships (February 2007) [67 KB]
New Starts Program Assessment Final Report (February 2007) [2.16 MB*]
Your Driving Costs 2006 (American Automobile Association Report) [727 KB]

Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs (NCHRP Report, December 2006)

[2.95 MB*]
America 2050: A Prospectus (Regional Plan Association, September 2006) [7.22 MB*]
The Effect of Government Highway Spending on Road Users’ Congestion Costs (Clifford Winston and Ashley Langer, May 2006) [421 KB]
On the Social Desirability of Urban Rail Transit Systems [305 KB]
Financing of the National Highway Development Programme: Report of the Core Group (Government of India, 2006) [609 KB]
Traffic Safety Facts 2005, (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) [1.07 MB*]
Current Practices in Public-Private Partnerships for Highways (Maryland Transportation Authority, Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland State Highway Administration, KCI Technologies, Inc., July 2005) [548 KB]
Transportation Public-Private Partnership Guidelines (Maryland Transportation Authority) [503 KB]
Connecting East Asia: A New Framework for Infrastructure (Asian Development Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, World Bank, March, 2005 [2.08 MB*]
Firm Inventory Behavior and the Returns from Highway Infrastructure Investments (Chad Shirley and Clifford Winston, November 2003) [348 KB]
Transit-Oriented Development and Joint Development in the United States: A Literature Review (Transit Cooperative Research Program, October 2002) [3.51 MB*]
Toll Road Securitization in China, (Alfred Nickesen and Mitchel Stanfield, February 2000) [57 KB]
It's Time for Interstate II, Remarks by Gil Carmichael (May 1999) [35 KB]

*Note: many of these files are large and may take several minutes to open.

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