National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission

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Final Report

Transportation for Tomorrow: Report of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, prepared by a specially convened Commission, meets the charge given under Section 1909 of the Safe Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).  The Report includes detailed recommendations for creating and sustaining a pre-eminent surface transportation system in the United States.  The Commission is grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who shared their views and experiences in writing and at hearings and public meetings across the nation.

Inside Cover: Staff Acknowledgements
Signatory Letter

Volume I: Recommendations
Volume I: Supplemental Views of Commissioner Francis X. McArdle
Volume I: Supplemental Views of Commissioner Matt Rose
Volume I: Minority Views

Volume II: Chapter 1
Volume II: Chapter 2
Volume II: Chapter 3
Volume II: Chapter 4
Volume II: Chapter 5
Volume II: Chapter 6

Volume III: Introduction
Volume III: Table of Contents
   Section 1 Technical Issue Papers
   Section 2 Scenario Analyses of System Needs
   Section 3 Special Issues Analyses
   Section 4 Public Sessions and Outreach Meetings
   Section 5 Field Hearings
   Section 6 Submissions Sponsored by Commissioners
   Section 7 Submissions by the Blue Ribbon Panel of Transportation Experts
   Section 8 Background Material
   Section 9 Historical Documents

Inside Back Cover: Blue Ribbon Panel

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