National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission

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Final Report

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Staff Acknowledgements

Susan J. Binder
Executive Director

Christopher J. Bonanti
Deputy Executive Director

Commission Staff
Lydia C. Conrad
E. Ross Crichton
Eric Gabler
James March
David Marks
Mary M. Moehring
Darren Timothy

Support Staff
Donna M. Hannah
Monica D. Reese

Agency Liaisons
Bonnie Angermann
Thomas Bolle
Thomas E. Bryan
Mary Cole
Terri Gordon
John Haifley
Michael Harkins
Ben Hawkinson
Tina Hodges
Judith C. Johnson
Elissa Konove
Katherine Mattice
Jackie McGarry
Gregory Murrill
Stefan Natzke
Sharon E. Pugh
Sherry Riklin
Jennifer Steinhoff
John Steinhoff
Dan Stillson
Robert Tuccillo
Kimberly Wilkins
Laura Ziff

With Appreciation to Commissioner Personal Staff
Tom Bulger
Amy Hawkins
Eric Licht
Timothy Lynch
Beth Nachreiner
Katherine Stusrud

This report is a product of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission.
Any views expressed do not represent the position of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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